Signs of a basement waterproofing problem

Signs of a basement waterproofing problem

Damp, wet basements are not just a nuisance. If left unfixed, basement water can cause bigger issues like rot, mold, mildew, structural damage, and dust mites.

Be on the lookout for the following scenairos:

  • 1 Leaking or damp basement walls
  • 2 Pooling or standing water
  • 3 Crystalline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • 4 Musty odors & Condensation
  • 5 Leaky basement windows
  • 6 Proven waterproofing products for a dry basement
  • 7 Two-pronged outlets

We use a proprietary interior basement waterproofing system that has been developed and tested over decades. The system keeps your basement space dry, comfortable, and odor-free. It represents a permanent solution to all your wet basement problems. The system keeps all types of basements dry, including concrete, block, brick, stone, red clay tile, and slab foundations.

Our basement waterproofing system consists of an interior drainage channel that’s installed along the inner perimeter of your basement floor. Any water entering the basement through wall cracks, floor leaks, or hydrostatic pressure is collected into the channels. The channels are covered with cement and hidden from view. Any water collected is drained to a hidden sump pump where it’s pumped out and away from your home.